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Making Things Right

Hi everyone, I'd like to start by apologizing to people who didn't get artwork they ordered. Hiring someone to help me with my website and customer service has been the worst mistake I've ever made! To correct the problem, I am now giving out refunds AND artwork to the 20 or so people who didn't get what they ordered. There may be more, so please email me directly! I am now in control of my own customer service, so people will be heard!

People who ordered artwork through and who have not received their artwork, please let me know through email or my website contact form and I'll refund you and/or send your artwork!

People who ordered through, I am sorry to say that this is not my website. That website is being shut down by Shopify. I've talked to SOME people who say they have received artwork, while others have not. I'm hoping the owner wises up and gives people what they ordered!

I am collecting complaints (and adding my own complaint) so we can send it to Shopify and anyone else so we can have the proper authorities deal with PaintBrushPaper! I set up a new email to deal with this issue. Please email me at if you have a complaint against PaintBrushPaper.

I am doing what I can to make sure ALL my customers and their customers are being heard, and any of their customers can band together to submit complaints, which will certainly carry more weight. I'm happy to lead this complaint process and help in any way I can. 

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